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Seed Part Challenge: Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part

Occasionally, the LUG winds up with large numbers of really, really strange parts.  I’m sure this happens to every LUG.

Well, this time we got a whole lot of Element ID 6011464 – aka ‘Bright Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part’.  This thing:

Element ID 6011464 Design ID 3830 Hinge 1x2 Upper Part Bright Red
Element ID 6011464, Design ID 3830, Hinge 1×2 Upper Part, Bright Red, Pure Evil.

Now, when paired with the other half of the hinge – this is a great part.  One of the older style LEGO hinges still in use today – it first appeared in 1978 according to BrickLink, available in Red in set 590.  This hinge is still in use today in various colors – it’s got some extraordinary staying power.

Unfortunately, without the other half – there’s not a heck of a lot you can do with it.  The pin is not a standard Technic pin, and there’s nothing  “In System” that you can do with it.  We handed out these bricks to anyone that would accept them at our March and April meetings… and only two people dared to MOC with it – with wildly different approaches.  Read on to find out who attacked it head on, and who weaseled out…

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Next meeting – Saturday July 20th

11:00am – 3:00pm

This meeting will focus on Brickfair Virginia.

Even if you are not attending, we still need your MOC’s for the display. Please bring what you would like to send to the meeting so that we can start the staging process.

Please go to the forum and look up the Google Docs map and enter your MOC’s.

Meeting location…

Massapequa Public Library
Bar Harbour Building
40 Harbor Lane, Massapequa Park, NY 11762

NYCC Building Day September 29th in Nyack

Mike and Brett let us know that they could use their help up in Nyack and New City to help with the DC/Marvel and Lord of the Rings builds for NYCC. If you are free on Saturday, September 29th then let them know you can help them out.

I know that this is Maker Faire weekend and the two members who are committed to attending this event (Jon Lazar and myself) probably won’t be up at the build but hopefully everyone else that is free can collaborate on the builds. The Nyack group is making good progress but because of the amount of work they volunteered to take on quite a lot so they really need your help.

Take a look at what they’ve got so far, and make sure you get in touch and give them a hand!