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“Gilded Typewriter” MOC installed at the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store

This was a fun build: inspired by recent visits to antique shops, I LUG NY member Sid built this vintage-looking (and, sadly, non-functioning) typewriter, complete with 2×2 pearl gold round tile keytops, a platen comprising wheel hubs held together with a 32-long Technic axle, and typebars made from 1×12 trans-clear bars.  It’ll be on display at the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store in Manhattan through October.

Caveat: it doesn’t work.

New ILUGNY Window Displays at the Rockefeller Center and West Nyack LEGO Stores!

ILUGNY has two new LUG window installations at the Lego Stores in Manhattan and Rockland County!


The first is Swarm HQ, based upon the new Galaxy Squad theme.  The model incorporates dark red and black bricks; trans-neon green 1/4-saucer pieces from the old UFO theme also form giant, menacing spheres — the better to batter the Swarm Interceptor with!  (Bonus: can you find the Blacktron II piece?  🙂


The second is a piece of artwork — inspired by Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and rendered, mosaic-style, in various 1×1 transparent, colored Lego pieces.

Both were created by ILUGNY member Sid, aka Brickplate, with assists from Bill M., Bill P. and Mike B., and will be on display for the next few weeks!

The Rolling Stones come to Rockefeller Center — in Lego Form!


This mosaic celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest rock bands ever — The Rolling Stones! Inspired by the cover to this book, this mosaic comprises lots of 1×1 round Lego transparent red, light blue and clear plates. As you can see, it’s at an angle — and that’s because it wouldn’t have fit inside the display case otherwise! Hopefully Mick, Keith, Ron or Charlie will stop by and see it!

SoHo invades Midtown

Cast Iron District

Two new Cast Iron modulars are now on display in the Rockefeller Center LUG window. Builder Jonathan Grzywacz once again swapped in for Sid Dinsay, who once again was the life of the party despite an eerily empty store. Those who came to NYCC will recognize the grey building on the right as one that helped hold down a square with another grey beauty from fellow modular builder Brett. Those who are familiar with my builds before joining the LUG might notice that the building on the left bears a bit of a resemblance to an earlier, simpler florist I did – in fact I tore that one down to create both of these instead.

These are still works in progress, so only one more photo can be found on my flickr account at the moment. Good enough for the window, but not yet good enough for me.

The Battlestar Pacifica arrives at the LEGO Store at Rockfeller Center

I LUG NY members Sid Dinsay and Jonathan Gryzwacz visited the LEGO Store at Rockfeller Center last Friday to swap out models.  Going was Jonathan’s architecturally exquisite Bricklyn Courthouse — which can be seen here as a LEGO CUUSOO submission — and arriving was Sid’s Battlestar Pacifica, a sister ship to the famed Galactica.

The swap was fun as usual, with Jonathan and Sid telling onlookers about I LUG NY and pointing folks to our website, sharing with them secrets (not all) about how we built our models, and even giving them tips on how to fill their Pick-A-Brick cups (hint: 1×1 round plates can fill up lots of space!).  Store manager Joe was exceedingly gracious and complimentary — despite the massive Friday afternoon crowds!

Laying Down the Law

I LUG NY Rockefeller Center window, June 21, 2012

For a short time only, you can now fulfill your jury duty requirement by visiting the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store and checking out the Bricklyn Borough Courthouse (not really, though). While justice might be blind, it sadly isn’t subway-proof – after LUG member and builder Jonathan G did a little cupola reassembly at the store while fellow member Sid entertained the growing crowd, the model was ready to be put in its new temporary home.

After Bert emailed me to ask about a listing he saw on ebay for instructions to build this court house I reached out to Jonathan G. the builder of this model. He then contacted ebay to have the listing removed as it violated his copyright. THANK YOU BERT!

New LUG Showcase Model Boldly Goes to Rockefeller Center in NYC

Star Trek Legos via I LUG NY

A total of seven models (not including the trans-clear base) are in place at the Rockefeller Center Lego store in Manhattan, made by newest I LUG NY member, Sid.  Installed on a busy Friday night, the models — five Federation starships and two Klingon ships — are based on those from Star Trek movies and TV shows.  Hope you get to check them out in person!