Meeting Dates for 2012-Meetings begin at 11 am

Jan 21 Queens Center Mall-cancelled due to snowstorm

Feb 4 -Brett’s Studio
Feb 18 -Queens LEGO Store
Mar 18 -Javits Center for FLL Tournament
Apr 21
May 19
Jun 23
Jul 21
Aug 18
Sep 15
Oct 20
Nov 17
Dec 15

Meeting locations to be determined. They will rotate in order to be fair to us. I know that no location works perfectly for everyone based on geography but we all have to travel in order to meet up so we should communicate in order to arrange car pools and split gas and tolls. These are the dates we discussed at the December meeting. Barring any LEGO event conflict or other event such as Comic Con these will be the dates we plan our meetings for.

New LUG Showcase Model Boldly Goes to Rockefeller Center in NYC

Star Trek Legos via I LUG NY

A total of seven models (not including the trans-clear base) are in place at the Rockefeller Center Lego store in Manhattan, made by newest I LUG NY member, Sid.  Installed on a busy Friday night, the models — five Federation starships and two Klingon ships — are based on those from Star Trek movies and TV shows.  Hope you get to check them out in person!