Hurricane Sandy and LEGO

Thank you for the email updates. Glad to hear that nearly everyone is doing well though many of us are without power. For some work for next week is an issue whether it be getting there or where it is we’ll be getting to. Those of us who have corresponded via email haven’t shared any horror stories and for that I am sure we are all grateful.

I am just curious how you spent the down time during Sandy. Another great thing about LEGO is that it doesn’t require power to enjoy. I was lucky enough to spend the storm and the aftermath in my house and I was able to build the Haunted Mansion Monday (when I had power) into Tuesday (when the power was out but there was plenty of daylight to build by). I also built the green truck from the Mine set which in my eyes is the best part of the set. Brett texted me that he was sorting LEGO on Tuesday.

What did the rest of the LUG members do with LEGO during Hurricane Sandy week?