Nearly every month LLDC ( has an AFOL night (Adult Fans Of LEGO, 18+) who reminisce about and/or actively enjoy LEGO.  And ILUGNY, a LEGO User Group in the tri-state area, has members who actively enjoy LEGO and who attend these events to meet like-talented adults to share our passion and to participate in the activities.  NOTE: Adults NOT bringing child to LLDC are only allowed to go during an Adult Night, which is good because that’s when it’s an adult-friendly atmosphere!

This month we report on November’s Dr. Who-themed event… Continue reading LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER WESTCHESTER AFOL NIGHT (2014/11/06)

BrickFair NJ 2014 Wrap-Up (Nov 1st & 2nd)

BrickFair NJ 2014 took place for the first time near NYC in Somerset, NJ at the Garden State Convention Center.  Although it’s a relatively smaller LEGO fan-built event, it still had a great turnout and was a great size for fun exhibitor camaraderie and a great start for our LUG BrickFair newbies (Bert, BG3D, Skaare42) and brand-new LUG members (Marco & John).

ILUGNY, a tri-state LEGO User Group club, turned out with a large table layout of a seamlessly integrated display with 2 trains and 2 monorails.

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Back to the 80’s with I LUG NY at the Queens LEGO Store

I LUG NY members Cody, Murphy and I met up at the Queens LEGO Store to swap out a Halloween model for a model reflective of growing up in the 1980’s. Models from this LUG Showcase include Cody’s K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard as well as another icon of the 80’s, MTV. Remember when they truly were a music television channel?

The store staff and management especially, loved this window! When you stop by the Queens LEGO Store be sure to check this display out.IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2860