I LUG NY Exhibits at Maker Faire New York 2012

Maker Faire New York closed today and I LUG NY was in attendance once again. We have exhibited our LEGO creations and shared our passion for the hobby with the countless visitors to our booth each year. Maker Faire holds a special place in I LUG NY history as it was here in 2010 that we decided on our LUG name (thanks David). This event is a great opportunity for the LUG to put our creations out in front of the general public. For many of the people who came up to our booth they had no idea what could be done with LEGO. Many played with LEGO as a child and some are building with it still as adults but had no idea I LUG NY existed or what a LUG is. I know I personally spoke with about 4-5 people who could possibly become new members down the road.

On Saturday, Marwan and Jon were in attendance. Brian, Hope (and baby Ryan) and Jessica joined Jon on Sunday. Jon displayed his picture taking Touristbot, light up-Green Lantern Battery, working Brickcade arcade cabinet, 8 bit video game mosaics and the debut of newly designed Avengers mosaic-figures. I displayed 10 Micropoville modules, 3 small viper space ships, an At-Pt from Star Wars, a spinning Mario to Fire Mario mosaic, a mosaic version of the movie poster for Disney’s Wreck it Ralph, and about 10 video game mosaics.

We were awarded another Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon for our display. We were also awarded two Blue Ribbons for Maker Faire 2010. We were treated to some cross LUG discussions once again with the arrival of Rob Bender from PENNlug and his girlfriend Lauren. Loved your Kermit the Frog mosaic!

Pic to follow of our Blue Ribbon. Unfortunately, I was so busy talking with the public and the booth was so busy with visitors throughout the day that I didn’t have a chance to snap a photo of our booth. Hopefully Jon did!

NYCC Building Day September 29th in Nyack

Mike and Brett let us know that they could use their help up in Nyack and New City to help with the DC/Marvel and Lord of the Rings builds for NYCC. If you are free on Saturday, September 29th then let them know you can help them out.

I know that this is Maker Faire weekend and the two members who are committed to attending this event (Jon Lazar and myself) probably won’t be up at the build but hopefully everyone else that is free can collaborate on the builds. The Nyack group is making good progress but because of the amount of work they volunteered to take on quite a lot so they really need your help.

Take a look at what they’ve got so far, and make sure you get in touch and give them a hand!

NYCC Building Day – September 15th

ILUGNY spent the day working on the various New York Comic Con layouts, with a brief pause mid-day for a Skype Call.

“Team Star Wars” worked on the Death Star Trench. Rick, Brian and Blake kept busy making 16×16 greebly panels to cover the floor of the trench, while Bill built a very nice looking thermal exhaust port. I mostly ran in circles trying to find parts for others… We also finally got to see the awesome motorized Ion Cannon that Blake built. Amazing.

Brick University saw Brett, Mike and Matt putting some hours in on the Marvel Build. From what I could see over Skype, the X-Mansion looked awesome, and there’s a really wonderful portal for the chitauri to invade through. There’s also a wonderful brick-built MILS road to connect the modular buildings for the DC build.

With just 3 1/2 more weeks to go till New York Comic Con, we’re definitely feeling the crunch, but it’s also a load of fun to be building with a large group of talented guys. We still need a lot more help (more so for the Comic themes and LOTR) so if you’re able to put any time in, drop us a line. There will be building going on at each location (New City, Nyack and Port Jefferson) a few times a week. If you’re interested in being an active member in the LUG, we need your help, drop us a line and get involved.

Forest Mine

On Friday evening, ILUGNY swapped out the model in the Queens LEGO Store.

The new model has been in the works for a while, and is essentially a fusion of 4204 and 4438, with some gentle reminders of subterranean (and not so subterranean) themes of years past (and present).

I can say with a large degree of certainty that this model wouldn’t have been possible without LEGO’s support: LUG Showcase Program, LUGBULK, and the Elmhurst LEGO Store itself.

City Forest Mine

Click on the picture to see more on Flickr, or just visit the Queens store to see if you can figure out just how many themes are included…