Gamma Base

Rick, Brian and Bill dropped off a new and improved space base at the Queens LEGO store (much) earlier this month.

Here’s what Rick says about the model:

“Gamma Outpost” is a re-design of an earlier LUG Showcase MOC. It shows how much can change in two years. With this new interpretation, the base was mostly re-built from the foundation up to fully landscape the space available. It was also an experiment in greyscale and shades of green. All other colors were omitted from the main diorama. It was a fun experiment and will hopefully be the first of several single color-themed displays.

Personally, I think the difference is striking, and I look forward to more of Rick’s experiments.  I’m just disappointed I couldn’t be a part of this one.

Gamma Base will be at the Queens LEGO store until mid-January.
We’ll call this “Beta Base”. It was in the Queens LEGO store May 2011.

The Rolling Stones come to Rockefeller Center — in Lego Form!


This mosaic celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest rock bands ever — The Rolling Stones! Inspired by the cover to this book, this mosaic comprises lots of 1×1 round Lego transparent red, light blue and clear plates. As you can see, it’s at an angle — and that’s because it wouldn’t have fit inside the display case otherwise! Hopefully Mick, Keith, Ron or Charlie will stop by and see it!