A collection of useful stuff we’ve found on the web.

Abbreviations, Phrases and Jargon

Build Standards

Build Techniques

Color Reference

Community Sites

  • Brickset (forum community and resource index)
  • Eurobricks (global community forum)
  • FBTB (LEGO Star Wars community)
  • Flickr (Search for LEGO groups)

Conventions and Events (North America)

Official Set Instructions

News and Reviews

Shopping Tools

One thought on “Resources”

  1. The Morris Museum, in Morristown, NJ is seeking Lego innovators, artists, and designers to submit works that use Lego’s to create sculptures, installations, 2D art, or other creative solutions for our Lego exhibit scheduled to open December 17, 2016 and close February 26, 2017. If you are interested in participating please email Jody Marcus, Curator, at for submission guidelines. All works must be submitted digitally for approval by November 1, 2016.

    Can you help us find talented Lego artist for our show? Please circulate this information. Thanks so much,


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