Epic Dino Battle


This all started innocently enough, I wanted to have a giant creature to fight the Samurai Mech that LEGO released this spring…

Somehow, it evolved into this.  I had a blast building this – and it really couldn’t have come together any better!  It’s just a shame that the LUG showcase window wasn’t a little bit bigger – Brian, his wife, and Rick made some cool landscaping and structures that I think got obscured by all the activity in the scene!

In the Queens, NY LEGO store for about a month starting on July 13th. With the new season of Ninjago starting up next week, I’m sure this will get a lot of traffic.




BrickFair coming to New England!

I’ve just recently been informed that Todd Webb (the guy that organizes BrickFair) is planning on having a “BrickFair: New England” event in Manchester, NH on Mother’s Day weekend, 2013 (at least May 11th-12th), at the Raddison hotel and expo center.

BrickFair New England

May 11th & May 12th, 2013.
11:00am – 4:00pm

Join us at the Expo Center of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH.

LEGO models, displays and winding trains sprawled out over 30,000 square feet.

BrickFair brings together adult fans of LEGO from across the USA (and Canada, and a few other countries) to show off their projects, great and small, and to share their passion for LEGO – the most awesome toy – ever.

LEGO fan festivals like BrickFair are great fun for the whole family!

Join in a game or two – maybe win a LEGO set.

Vendors will be offering all things LEGO, including shirts, hats, minifigures, custom-molded weapons, unique models, keychains and… really… everything you never imagined.