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LUG Showcase window at Lego Brand Retail Palisades Center


Brett, Cody and Mike changed the LUG Showcase Window in the Palisades Center Lego Store this past weekend.  Impressed by the colors, elements and design of the NEW, The Lego Movie sets they created a cityscape with many characters and sets.  It looks like Emmitt and Wildstyle are trapped in front of Lord Business Plans office building; will Bob, Mike and Jo be able to separate them from this bricky, I mean sticky situation?


Caution: Extreme Close-Up
Caution: Extreme Close-Up



Stark Mansion

Yesterday, Brett, Chris and myself installed the Stark Mansion in Palisades Center Mall Lego Store.

This build had its fair share of challenges due to the structure and shape of it.  Brett and Chris did a fantastic job getting the main “dish” together while I built the supports.  Just about everything is at some sort of odd angle.  The only straight-forward sections were the terrain and the back section of the mansion.

You can find the rest of the gallery here.

New ILUGNY Window Displays at the Rockefeller Center and West Nyack LEGO Stores!

ILUGNY has two new LUG window installations at the Lego Stores in Manhattan and Rockland County!


The first is Swarm HQ, based upon the new Galaxy Squad theme.  The model incorporates dark red and black bricks; trans-neon green 1/4-saucer pieces from the old UFO theme also form giant, menacing spheres — the better to batter the Swarm Interceptor with!  (Bonus: can you find the Blacktron II piece?  🙂


The second is a piece of artwork — inspired by Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and rendered, mosaic-style, in various 1×1 transparent, colored Lego pieces.

Both were created by ILUGNY member Sid, aka Brickplate, with assists from Bill M., Bill P. and Mike B., and will be on display for the next few weeks!