Joker’s Hideout


Bill P and Rick visited the Westchester NY LEGO store and swapped out the Portal display for a Batman one. 

The Laffco Building/ Joker’s Hideout will be on display through the month of September. It is it’s first public appearance since its debut at Brickfair Virginia back in August. It was completely rebuilt from the ground up and now features a loading bay and Harley Quinn’s delivery truck. Rounding out the display are Clayface (an old Rock Raiders rock monster), some Joker’s gang thugs, and Bane’s Tumbler and the Batpod from “the Dark Knight Rises.”

Also new is the prototype LUG Showcase Window base, which adds some height to displayed MOCS as well as prominently features the I LUG NY logo. The idea shows promise, and we’re likely going to build more of them to place in all of the local windows handled by the LUG.