SoHo invades Midtown

Cast Iron District

Two new Cast Iron modulars are now on display in the Rockefeller Center LUG window. Builder Jonathan Grzywacz once again swapped in for Sid Dinsay, who once again was the life of the party despite an eerily empty store. Those who came to NYCC will recognize the grey building on the right as one that helped hold down a square with another grey beauty from fellow modular builder Brett. Those who are familiar with my builds before joining the LUG might notice that the building on the left bears a bit of a resemblance to an earlier, simpler florist I did – in fact I tore that one down to create both of these instead.

These are still works in progress, so only one more photo can be found on my flickr account at the moment. Good enough for the window, but not yet good enough for me.

Comic Con is over

Hopefully, everyone is home safe and sound from NYCC.

If you picked up a card, and want to get in touch and get involved with the LUG, just drop a comment.  Once we have a nice, full night of sleep, we’ll get back to you.


We’ve also gotten some write-ups:

Thanks’s to everyone who stopped by, and found the time to tell others about the display.