Moonbase on MILS

We’re reviving Moonbase for our 2016/2017 shows, but we’re putting it on top of MILS!


  • Sturdy!  MILS makes MOC’s easier to transport.
  • More color options! (Less of a deal for Moonbase, but it’s way cheaper to do a white or dark grey layout with MILS than with baseplate)
  • Allows for below-grade features.
  • Joins together with technic pins.
  • Already have some Moonbase Classic modules?  No problem.  We can shim them up to the proper height with just a few pieces.

Why Moonbase?

Why Not Moonbase

This is what it should look like, with MILS:

MILS w Moonbase

Here’s a link to the LDD file.

Moonbase Vignettes

In an attempt to get more people involved, we’ve also figured out a way for folks to contribute smaller slices of Moonbase, in the form of little vignettes.

We’re building some modules with recesses that are 1 brick deep, like so:

The modules themselves are pretty easy:

  • “ground level” for the module is 1-brick high.  The edges should probably be at ground level wherever you want it to look like it connects naturally with the lunar surface.
  • The “ground level” color needs to be light-blueish-grey.
  • It can be any size from 8×8 to 40×40, in multiples of 8 studs.
  • It doesn’t need to be rectangular, but each edge has to be a multiple of 8 studs.

S/MILS Vignettes Detail

Examples (these are pretty boring!):

Crater Plot - Rick

Plain Solar Farm


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