Galaxy Diner & Empire Theater Mini Modulars

A Mini Modular version of the Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater. The original model was previously on display in the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store during October 2011.


Some assembly required.

Ice Planet Ostrich

This was part of the Ice Planet Hoth display in the Roosevelt Field LEGO store during January 2012. 



Pizza Planet Truck

ADU Moon Patrol Buggy

This was built to resemble the buggy from Moon Patrol.  It was Later Incorporated into the Alien Invasion MOC at the Roosevelt Field LEGO store November 2011.

ADU Annihilator

Alien Interceptor

Alien Asp

Alien Tripod Scout

One thought on “LDD”

  1. Sweet work Gents!

    Maybe post a link to this page on your flickr photos of these MOCs? Rick-you were blogged on TBB for the Tumbler correct? That would send some traffic this way for sure.

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