“Gilded Typewriter” MOC installed at the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store

This was a fun build: inspired by recent visits to antique shops, I LUG NY member Sid built this vintage-looking (and, sadly, non-functioning) typewriter, complete with 2×2 pearl gold round tile keytops, a platen comprising wheel hubs held together with a 32-long Technic axle, and typebars made from 1×12 trans-clear bars.  It’ll be on display at the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store in Manhattan through October.

Caveat: it doesn’t work.

Stepping Stones Lighthouse Featured in Queens LEGO Store

     Rick, Will and I went to the LEGO Store in Queens this week to install our latest LUG Showcase model. The scene this month is a nautical one with boats (built by Will) racing around a lighthouse (built by myself) with a small town perched a top a rocky cliff (buit by Rick).

     The centerpiece of the display is a project that was inspired by a picture of a nearby lighthouse in an October edition of Newsday. Upon reading an article on this lighthouse I thought that the lighthouse would be a great LEGO project. Several months later I took the time to build this for our display at Brick Fair Virginia.

     Thank you again to the Queens LEGO Store for participating in this program and for always welcoming us into your store with a smile.lighthouse

I LUG NY at Brick Fair, Virginia 2013


  I LUG NY attended Brick Fair this month in Chantilly, Virginia and had a blast! We have been an active LUG for just under 3 years now and have established ourselves as a credible LUG in our eyes, in the eyes of LEGO and at all of the venues in which we’ve had exhibits and models on display at (Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown, the Larchmont Public Library, Massapequa Public Library, several LEGO Stores in New York and New Jersey, and the Stamford Museum and Nature Center in Connecticut). What we hadn’t done previously is establish ourselves within the LEGO fan community. This was I LUG NY’s statement while at Brick Fair. We are a viable LUG from the great state of New York. Members of I LUG NY have been attending Brick Fair for many years and displaying MOCs throughout the various themes but this is the first time we set up a collaborative display.

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