I LUG NY was officially founded in 2010, by likeminded Adult Fans of LEGO. By merging two smaller LEGO® clubs, LongILUG (Long Island LEGO Users Group) founded in 2009 by Brian Wygand & New York Brick Artists founded in 2004 by Mike Bader and Jon Lazar, we created the group known today as I LUG NY. Although our name has changed our description and mission statement have not!

You can read more about our group on this page, reach out to us on our Contact Us page, or go ahead and Join the LUG.

Description: I LUG NY is a collection of diverse LEGO® artists. In our LUG we have Architectural, City, Fantasy, Mecha, Military, Mindstorms®, Sci-Fi, Space, Stop Motion Animation, and Train builders who all share a common goal. We want to open the AFOL world to the public, both young and old. Our love of a childhood toy, turned hobby, crosses the boundaries of age, culture, nationality and race. I LUG NY welcomes other adult builders from the Tri-State area and beyond, to join us for our monthly meetings, build, and have fun with a product that has become a worldwide obsession.

Mission Statement: How do we spread our message? We do this by participating in community events; by creating and displaying MOC’s in venues such as LEGO® Brand Retail® Stores, public libraries, museums, national trust buildings, after school programs, birthday parties and AFOL conventions.

I LUG NY participates in the LEGO® Brand Retail (LBR) LUG Showcase Program. We currently display MOC’s in four New York LBR Store Locations (the LEGO Stores in the Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst Queens, Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, at the Westchester in Westchester and at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan).

Our membership has grown from a handful of members in 2010 to over 30 now in 2014, last year we participated in several LEGO events, including LEGO fun day at Lyndhurst Castle, BrickFair, VA, the Hendrich Hudson Free Library the Larchmont Public Library and  the Stamford Museum and Nature Center where we had a nearly 400 square foot train & town display as well as a separate gallery for stand alone MOC’s.

Check out our flickr group pool for some examples of our MOC’s and displays.

Our Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month, starting at 11am. Contact us to find out where we are meeting.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Was down in Nyack the other day and met up with Brett @ the shop. Very nice place and we had alot in common once we started talking. Would love to join your group and have been an avid fan of Lego since early 70’s. Still love getting a new set and building. Please let me know if I may become a member of a group with the same interests as me. Thanks.

    David Christian

  2. My son LOVES legos. He is going to be 6 in February and I am interested in giving him a lego birthday party. We live in Stamford, CT. Do you have anyone that would do a birthday party for 6 year olds?
    Thanks – Melissa Bildner

    1. Hello Melissa,

      Unfortunately our group (ILUGNY) is made up of various business professionals and we have nobody who does birthday parties.

      Thank You

  3. I’m a huge rolling stones fan and I would love to build a copy of the tongue logo I saw in the Rock Center store. Can somebody help me out with some advice on how I would get started?
    Thanks, Mark P.

  4. Looks like you guys do a lot of cool stuff! I am just recently coming out of my dark ages and I am looking for AFOLs around me; I live in Massachusetts. I was wondering if I could join even though I am kind of far? What are your general meetings like?

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