INCOM Factory Floor

Rick, Phil and I installed this Star-Wars themed MOC at the Queens Center LEGO store on Saturday May 4th, during their Star Wars festivities.

I think Rick’s custom X-Wing is great (Red Two, I believe), and I enjoyed the opportunity to build something from the Star Wars universe that really wasn’t well defined, visually.
Check out the full set on Flickr below, or just go on down to the store!

Stark Mansion

Yesterday, Brett, Chris and myself installed the Stark Mansion in Palisades Center Mall Lego Store.

This build had its fair share of challenges due to the structure and shape of it.  Brett and Chris did a fantastic job getting the main “dish” together while I built the supports.  Just about everything is at some sort of odd angle.  The only straight-forward sections were the terrain and the back section of the mansion.

You can find the rest of the gallery here.