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A LEGO Filled Weekend (New York Comic Con, a New LEGO Store and a Free Build at TRU)

This past weekend had so many awesome (some of which were free) activities and events for LEGO fans. The following is a review of these events from I LUG NY members who were fortunate to be in attendance at all of these events.

Starting Thursday, October 9th and running through Sunday October 12th was New York Comic Con, held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. This event is not just a celebration of comic books but of all things pop culture related as well.

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Comic Con is over

Hopefully, everyone is home safe and sound from NYCC.

If you picked up a card, and want to get in touch and get involved with the LUG, just drop a comment.  Once we have a nice, full night of sleep, we’ll get back to you.


We’ve also gotten some write-ups:

Thanks’s to everyone who stopped by, and found the time to tell others about the display.

NYCC Building Day – September 15th

ILUGNY spent the day working on the various New York Comic Con layouts, with a brief pause mid-day for a Skype Call.

“Team Star Wars” worked on the Death Star Trench. Rick, Brian and Blake kept busy making 16×16 greebly panels to cover the floor of the trench, while Bill built a very nice looking thermal exhaust port. I mostly ran in circles trying to find parts for others… We also finally got to see the awesome motorized Ion Cannon that Blake built. Amazing.

Brick University saw Brett, Mike and Matt putting some hours in on the Marvel Build. From what I could see over Skype, the X-Mansion looked awesome, and there’s a really wonderful portal for the chitauri to invade through. There’s also a wonderful brick-built MILS road to connect the modular buildings for the DC build.

With just 3 1/2 more weeks to go till New York Comic Con, we’re definitely feeling the crunch, but it’s also a load of fun to be building with a large group of talented guys. We still need a lot more help (more so for the Comic themes and LOTR) so if you’re able to put any time in, drop us a line. There will be building going on at each location (New City, Nyack and Port Jefferson) a few times a week. If you’re interested in being an active member in the LUG, we need your help, drop us a line and get involved.