Death Star Trench

Interested in helping out? You’ve come to the right place! Simply make one of these modules (we’re looking for about ten) to go in the Death Star Trench.

There are a couple of rules you’ll need to follow, but we can help with some of it!

  • Use scenes from A New Hope to inspire you, we’re talking about the Death Star I here, folks.
  • All the non-red elements in the drawing must be that color.  Anything that is red in the drawing is at your discretion.
  • The module must fit entirely on a 16×32 baseplate (provided).
  • The module must use 10 of the trans-clear 1x6x5 wall elements (provided) as shown.
  • The top needs to be completely open, to let light in.  We may also use some additional lighting across the top of each module.
  • If you’d like anything backlit, (like a computer display or something like that) let me know, we have options.  You need to plan on inserting the light from the outside of the module…

Death Star Trench Module
Click to download LDD File.
Death Star Trench WIP


2 thoughts on “Death Star Trench”

  1. Yes, if needed the clear panels and 16×32 baseplate can be provided.

    Here are a few ideas for anyone that wants to make a module.

    -Trash Compactor Escape
    -C-3P0 and R2 D2 in the DS control room
    -turbolaser command center (guys with long black helmets)
    -control room with Tarkin
    -Obi Wan vs Vader Duel
    -Jeff Vader Cantina (look it up)
    -Detention Block AA23
    -Han and Chewie running through the halls of the Death Star
    -Starkiller from Force Unleashed causing mass destruction

    Or something else cool. It’s up to y’all to make enough modules that we can swap them around during the NYCC weekend.

    1. Thanks Rick!
      Another good point: If you have a great idea but don’t have the bricks or minifigs to do it, let me know – we might be able to work something out!

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