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Displays installed in Tri-State area LEGO Stores.

A different kind of Star Wars Christmas Special

Last Friday ILUGNY descended on the Queens LEGO store to install our Holiday themed window.


We had a great time putting this all together – lots of last minute tweaks and alterations.



It was the first window swap for a couple of our new members, Kurt and Jason.  Both of whom provided some really excellent looking gift boxes.


Of course, Benny seems perfectly happy with his Christmas present – a properly colored X-Wing SPACESHIP!

I think it turned out great – way better than the actual Star Wars Christmas Special – but if you’re in the area, you should drop by the LEGO store in the Queens Center Mall and check it out yourself.


Back to the 80’s with I LUG NY at the Queens LEGO Store

I LUG NY members Cody, Murphy and I met up at the Queens LEGO Store to swap out a Halloween model for a model reflective of growing up in the 1980’s. Models from this LUG Showcase include Cody’s K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard as well as another icon of the 80’s, MTV. Remember when they truly were a music television channel?

The store staff and management especially, loved this window! When you stop by the Queens LEGO Store be sure to check this display out.IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2860

[Queens] Mountain Retreat – September 2014

I LUG NY members installed September’s LUG Showcase model which is a collaboration between LUG members. The model depicts a lone mountain cabin nestled in between rock formations and two fall colored trees. There are many animals making their homes in this scene above ground, on the mountain cliff, on the ground and in the pond.


This will be on display through early/mid October. Check it out in person and when you do tell them I LUG NY sent you!IMG_9536

Professional Paranormal Investigators and Eliminators

14155644858_eb49736e89_oJust in time for the release of the excellent LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1; Brian, Cody and Will dropped off some of our custom Ghostbusters MOC’s at the Queens LEGO store.

These MOCs are mostly based on the style of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon & Kenner action figures of our collective childhood – be warned – clicking on either of the two proceeding links may lead to hours of nostalgic rummaging through the Ghostbusters wiki…

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the Ghostbusters Wiki, head on over to flickr for additional pictures – or even better, head on down to the Queens (Elmhurst) LEGO Store to check out the model in person.