LEGO City Museum

LEGO City Museum at Queens LEGO Store-January 2014
LEGO City Museum at Queens LEGO Store-January 2014

The Queens LEGO Store received this model of a LEGO City Museum for the first LUG Showcase model of 2014. This model is also the first at Queens to incorporate Rick’s “I LUG NY”  model base. Rick’s base not only makes sure the LUG logo is prominently featured in each window but it also adds height to the models.

This particular model was conceived back in the summer after buying two copies of the City Museum Break-in sets For a museum it just looked too small so I decided to put the two sets together for Brick Fair, Virginia. This had a one baseplate long footprint. This still felt too small so I quadrupled the size of the original museum and that is what you see here. This model has an open look to it so the interior details can be seen such as the artwork, crystals, dinosaurs and Classic Spaceman. The museum has a ticket desk, souvenir sales area, museum employees, exhibits and bathrooms.

Many of the minifigures were purchased at the Queens LEGO Store as were the Museum sets themselves.

Check it out in person at the Queens LEGO Store inside the Queens Center Mall.

Donation 2 of 2 Dropped off at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital

Braving yesterday’s snow Mike B dropped off the first annual donation to Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Westchester County NY.

LUG NY decided this year to make donations to two local children’s hospitals in hopes of brightening up a few children’s holidays. Mike B’s son spend a week in Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital two years ago during the holidays, while there his son was given a small but incredibly meaningful holiday gift . ‘It meant a lot to our family, and being able to return the favor is very rewarding’. I LUG NY opted to donate to two hospitals this year in hopes to reach more children and hopefully put a smile on their faces.

Donation 1 of 2 Dropped off at Cohen Children’s Medical Center Today

Main Entrance to Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Spurred on  by the Brickset community donation of LEGO over the summer that I LUG NY was glad to be part of, the members of I LUG NY decided to collect LEGO to donate to hospitals. The LEGO pictured below was the result of smart shopping and a promotion at the LEGO booth during Brick Fair, Virginia. Continue reading Donation 1 of 2 Dropped off at Cohen Children’s Medical Center Today

Winter Scene Installed in Queens LEGO Store

Winter Scene
On December 4th, Phil, Will and Brian installed this Winter Scene at the Queens LEGO Store.  The store manager has requested we install holiday or seasonal MOCs and between the Fall Scene last month and this current model the manager was very pleased.

Phil was the lead on this project and he knocked it out of the park if you ask me. The model has a lot going on but not too much. The skyscrapers in the background add height, depth and help fill the window, the ice rink is spot on and the tree is stunning! Great work Phil!

Set-up Begins for “A Billion Bricks”



“A Billion Bricks: LEGO Turtles, Trains, and Tyrannosaurs”
Saturday December 14 – Sunday March 2

Monday marked the first day of set-up for our annual show at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center in Stamford, CT. This is our largest and longest-running show.

The first step is also the hardest- we have to set up several dozen tables based on the digital layout we make for each display. These tables are custom-made to fit a certain number of 10×10 inch LEGO baseplates so everything ends up square and neat. The tables are arranged and then we have to attach the legs. The legs are simple PVC piping and can be cut to any size. This layout has four dropped tables at the back for an coastline area. Once the tables are arranged, we make sure they are all level so they can be screwed together. They are pretty rock-solid once attached.

Check back for more updates as we get closer to the opening.