Ice Planet Hoth

On January 15th, Brian, Tim & I dropped off this a new model in the Roosevelt Field LEGO store.

Star Wars was set “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

Ice Planet 2002 (Yes, that was the theme name, which sounded impressive when it was released in 1993, I remember it well.) was set a mere decade ago, on what I presume was a very cold planet.

I’ll apologize in advance for the quality of some of the photos, I was a little distracted when I took them in the store.

Lessons Learned from Our Stamford Museum and Nature Center Exhibit

Fellow I LUG NY members,

First, I’d like to thank Bill for organizing the layout, contacting the museum and having I LUG NY be a part of the fun that was Stamford. I told friends in Will’s Smart-van that the time we spent helping set up the display was an experience that I will never forget. It was a fantasy of mine as a child to have a LEGO layout the size of my basement and I was able to live this fantasy out in Stamford. I found it very cathartic to help bring the layout to life.

Upon seeing the museum brochure for the exhibit I teased Bill (briefly) about being “everyone’s favorite conductor” but I must say, he conducted the event and layout superbly and in a dedicated/professional/devoted manner.

Now on to some lessons learned:

1-Use a paintbrush to brush dust off of models/mocs-man is this a great way to do the job. Cheaer than air canisters and without the bitter taste associated with breathing the fumes in from said canisters.

2-I know the layout plans were an investment of time and energy by Bill. Maybe he can share this program for creating baseplate layouts with the group?

3-If you plan on keeping models together once you dismantle the layout, pack accordingly. This means having boxes, bubble wrap, ziplocs, and labels for what you have to put back in these containers so you don’t have to do twice the work when you get home.

4-Either photo or add a tiny element to the bottom of your vehicles so you know what is yours when you tear down the display. I mistakenly had 1 of Bill’s vehicles in my pile of models and when I checked the undercarriage of the car I saw a green 1×1 plate attached to it. This is a great way to remember what is yours!

5-Round up the troops way in advance so many people can help with set up and tear down. It takes a small village to set up a layout of this magnitude.

6-Interact with the public. You will appreciate their insights and questions. I had a blast talking with the parents, kids and potential new members who visited the display.

7-Try to be there on the day when famous movie stars visit the display!

8-It was great to see how other members build. I am still blown away by Mike’s barn and Brett’s hangar.

I hope we can be a part of this next year and in other museums!

I LUG NY LEGO Showcase at the Bar Harbor Branch of the Massapequa Library

Last week Hope and I installed our display at the Bar Harbor Library in Massapequa, NY. We went on Tuesday evening (this after going to and from Stamford the day prior to help take down the Stamford Museum layout we had) and spent about an hour and a half setting up the display.

Rick was thoughtful and provided several MOCs including but not limited to the Pikachu mosaic and nameplate that he reworked from

Will provided the Winter Village scene that is elevated on the bottom right hand corner of the bottom shelf.

Bill let me borrow his Polar Express seen running across the top shelf of the display.

I added several LEGO related books, a copy of The Polar Express (again-thanks Bill) and 2 copies of Brickjournal to round out the display as well as tie in reading (this is a library after all).

I originally had packed my Prius with many more MOCs and sets to display but the library only had the 2 shelves that we used in this showcase. When I requested 2 shelves I thought that meant 2 shelves running across the entire length of the showcase, not 2 shelves that when placed together would run across 80% of the showcase. Needless to say, much of what I lugged up to the library had to be lugged back down to my car. Thankfully one of the circulation desk clerks was extremely helpful with wrapping boxes that we used to prop models up with, supplying the red fabric to cover other boxes and providing me with a book cart to lug boxes down the wheelchair ramp to my car.

Hope and I went back the next night to add finishing touches such as the I LUG NY logos and LUG description sheet. It is my hope that other adults living in Massapequa will see this display and contact us to learn more and possibly join the LUG.

Thank you to my wife Hope and friends Rick, Will and Bill for loaning their models.

Site Updates


Recently, the old plugin that I was using for OpenID authentication stopped working, so I had to switch to a plugin offered by oneall (  So don’t be alarmed if you see mention of oneall or when you log in using another account (like Google or Facebook).


We now have a new event calendar plugin,which can be seen at the top right of the page.  As we figure out the locations for each meeting, those events will be updated.  Clicking on an event will give you some neat options, like adding it to your calendar, and will display a Google map of the meeting place.