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PFx Brick on Kickstarter

The PFx brick project on Kickstarter has relaunched here:, and I’m just as excited about it as I was last time.

I’m all for using 3rd party electronics in LEGO – especially using this sort of thing to revive discontinued systems like  Monorail, and I’m really excited about this project for a couple reasons:

  • They’re partnering with Brickstuff to make easy connections to those very excellent lights.
  • They’re taking a great approach to remote control with their IR system – having to pair a “smart brick” with a phone or tablet is really a pain at a big public show – especially when you walk awak and your train stops…

Head on over to their Kickstarter page and take a look.  They’re about 135 “deluxe” packages away from being funded, with 16 days left.

ILUGNY’s New York City Skyline at BrickFair VA

BrickFair Virginia was a great opportunity for ILUGNY to show off our “8x” NYC Skyline.  Watch our interview with Matt Kay of Beyond the Brick and then stick around to watch us assemble the skyline (for the third time).

We discovered when we set the skyline up initially that it was heavy enough to curve the table, and make the tops of the buildings noticeably closer.  So, this is the third attempt, with a giant (improvised) wooden base under the whole thing.


C3Brix in the news!

I promised a few weeks ago that I would post something about ILUGNY member and part-time Big Ugly Rock Piece Cody Wells after he got some local news coverage – but then life got in the way.

To make up for that, I’m posting the original article in the Queens Courier and a bonus youtube video!  That’s a pretty cool tee-shirt he’s wearing.

Of course, Cody was one of the five ILUGNY members (including myself) interviewed that get to say words in the new A LEGO Bricumentary documentary.

If you haven’t seen it, this page has all sorts of ways you can rent it, I highly recommend it for AFOLS and non-AFOLS alike.


A different kind of Star Wars Christmas Special

Last Friday ILUGNY descended on the Queens LEGO store to install our Holiday themed window.


We had a great time putting this all together – lots of last minute tweaks and alterations.



It was the first window swap for a couple of our new members, Kurt and Jason.  Both of whom provided some really excellent looking gift boxes.


Of course, Benny seems perfectly happy with his Christmas present – a properly colored X-Wing SPACESHIP!

I think it turned out great – way better than the actual Star Wars Christmas Special – but if you’re in the area, you should drop by the LEGO store in the Queens Center Mall and check it out yourself.


Seed Part Challenge: Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part

Occasionally, the LUG winds up with large numbers of really, really strange parts.  I’m sure this happens to every LUG.

Well, this time we got a whole lot of Element ID 6011464 – aka ‘Bright Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part’.  This thing:

Element ID 6011464 Design ID 3830 Hinge 1x2 Upper Part Bright Red
Element ID 6011464, Design ID 3830, Hinge 1×2 Upper Part, Bright Red, Pure Evil.

Now, when paired with the other half of the hinge – this is a great part.  One of the older style LEGO hinges still in use today – it first appeared in 1978 according to BrickLink, available in Red in set 590.  This hinge is still in use today in various colors – it’s got some extraordinary staying power.

Unfortunately, without the other half – there’s not a heck of a lot you can do with it.  The pin is not a standard Technic pin, and there’s nothing  “In System” that you can do with it.  We handed out these bricks to anyone that would accept them at our March and April meetings… and only two people dared to MOC with it – with wildly different approaches.  Read on to find out who attacked it head on, and who weaseled out…

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Professional Paranormal Investigators and Eliminators

14155644858_eb49736e89_oJust in time for the release of the excellent LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1; Brian, Cody and Will dropped off some of our custom Ghostbusters MOC’s at the Queens LEGO store.

These MOCs are mostly based on the style of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon & Kenner action figures of our collective childhood – be warned – clicking on either of the two proceeding links may lead to hours of nostalgic rummaging through the Ghostbusters wiki…

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the Ghostbusters Wiki, head on over to flickr for additional pictures – or even better, head on down to the Queens (Elmhurst) LEGO Store to check out the model in person.