FOX 5 News Coverage of ILUGNY @ Stamford Museum & Nature Center

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center (SM&NC, displayed another ILUGNY LEGO scene this past 2014 winter holiday season and FOX 5 News of NYC was there live to cover the event…

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Block Party Christmas Tree Charity Event

The b-Cause Foundation Block Party (, a neighbor helping neighbor initiative, held a Christmas Tree decorating event for charity on Dec 14th, 2014 at Post154 restaurant in Westport, CT (Yes, it was a Post Office).

The event was sponsored by Simon Pearce, who has a store in Westport.  As another of our charity events, LEGO9V and I (BG3D) decorated a Christmas tree for charity using ornaments built by many more ILUGNY members and family at a previous ILUGNY Christmas Party.

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Last Week for A Billion Bricks 2014-2015!

Have you been putting off visiting our annual A Billion Bricks exhibition at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center? Well, you only have a few days left! Be sure to get over there and check it out by January 25th.


39 Scofieldtown Road
Stamford, CT 06903
(203) 322-1646

“Brick by Brick” Exhibit at the Morris Museum

The Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ has a LEGO art exhibit right now featuring creations from numerous AFOLs, including our very own master of space and SNOTBlake Foster.

“I build spaceships like a proper man-child,” says Blake in this article from the Daily Record.

The exhibit runs through March 15th. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area.


I LUG NY Donation of LEGO to Cohen Children’s Medical Center

     I LUG NY continued to raise funds to help bring smiles to children’s faces who are being cared for at local children’s hospitals. Every penny raised is used to purchase LEGO to donate to two local children’s hospitals. We partnered with Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY in the past and have done so once again in 2014. I LUG NY member Brian Wygand delivered a donation of LEGO to Cohen Children’s Medical Center on December 14, almost exactly a year to the date of our previous holiday donation.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from ILUGNY

Sailor Moon by Xavier

Check out this awesome sculpture by Xavier of Sailor Moon‘s titular character. A ton of nice parts usage from the SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique in the head to the cheese slope mosaic in the base. Nicely done, Xavier! Continue reading Sailor Moon by Xavier

A different kind of Star Wars Christmas Special

Last Friday ILUGNY descended on the Queens LEGO store to install our Holiday themed window.


We had a great time putting this all together – lots of last minute tweaks and alterations.



It was the first window swap for a couple of our new members, Kurt and Jason.  Both of whom provided some really excellent looking gift boxes.


Of course, Benny seems perfectly happy with his Christmas present – a properly colored X-Wing SPACESHIP!

I think it turned out great – way better than the actual Star Wars Christmas Special – but if you’re in the area, you should drop by the LEGO store in the Queens Center Mall and check it out yourself.



Nearly every month LLDC ( has an AFOL night (Adult Fans Of LEGO, 18+) who reminisce about and/or actively enjoy LEGO.  And ILUGNY, a LEGO User Group in the tri-state area, has members who actively enjoy LEGO and who attend these events to meet like-talented adults to share our passion and to participate in the activities.  NOTE: Adults NOT bringing child to LLDC are only allowed to go during an Adult Night, which is good because that’s when it’s an adult-friendly atmosphere!

This month we report on December’s Winter Holiday-themed “Bricktacular Night” event… Continue reading LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER WESTCHESTER AFOL NIGHT (2014/12/04)

A Billion Bricks 2014 Open Now!

billionbricks2014A Billion Bricks: Lego Trucks, Trains, and Spaceships opens today, November 22nd! This exhibition will be open through the holidays, so be sure to come check it out! There are a bunch of new things to see this year.SMNC-logoheaderStamford Museum & Nature Center
39 Scofieldtown Road
Stamford, CT 06903


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