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I LUG NY Visits Jerusalem Ave School, July 11, 2014

Cody Speaking to Young Builders at Jerusalem Ave School
Cody speaking to young builders at Jerusalem Ave School

 Once again,  I LUG NY visited the young builders at the Jerusalem Avenue Elementary School in Bellmore,  New York. On Friday,  July 11th,  Cody Wells and I (Brian Wygand) were on hand to share our experiences, builds, and the fun we have with the LEGO hobby with 50 children in grades 3-6.

In June I received a welcomed phone call from Dina Bellucci, who is one of the Summer Curriculum Coordinators at the school. After details were ironed out over the phone it was time to shop for elements to create something for the kids to build and keep.  Last year Cody designed a small off road car completely from elements on the Pick a Brick walls at local LEGO Stores. This year I designed a small spaceship using parts from the Queens LEGO Store’s PaB wall. Students were given three color choices of 1×2 tiles to customize their spaceships (purple, lime and pink) and they were lead by Cody and myself in different building groups. Each student was able to construct this model either on their own or with assistance from a teacher, para-professional, classmate or from Cody and I.

Some of Brian's MOCs adorn a teacher's desk.
Some of Brian’s MOCs adorn a teacher’s desk.

I created a slideshow to use with the school’s SMART Board which gave students and teachers alike an idea of what it is like to be a part of such a great group of LEGO fans that make up I LUG NY. Some of the slides detailed the process for setting up a group display from tables to green baseplates to finished displays. Others shared news about our donations of LEGO to area children’s hospitals. Next I shared pictures of some of Cody’s MOCs, my MOCs and pictures of the World’s Fair 50th Anniversary builds that are in the Queens Theatre right now. The final slide was of the mini build the students would be working on showing the completed model with purple, lime or pink accents.

Final SLideOnce the presentation was finished the students were broken up into groups to build their spaceships. We provided ziploc bags that students could keep their models in and students also received a LEGO Club magazine.

Cody and I would like to thank the students and staff at the Jerusalem Avenue School for welcoming us back and we look forward to returning for a 3rd consecutive July in 2015!

Entries for our first Seed Part Competition.

Seed Part Challenge: Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part

Occasionally, the LUG winds up with large numbers of really, really strange parts.  I’m sure this happens to every LUG.

Well, this time we got a whole lot of Element ID 6011464 – aka ‘Bright Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part’.  This thing:

Element ID 6011464 Design ID 3830 Hinge 1x2 Upper Part Bright Red
Element ID 6011464, Design ID 3830, Hinge 1×2 Upper Part, Bright Red, Pure Evil.

Now, when paired with the other half of the hinge – this is a great part.  One of the older style LEGO hinges still in use today – it first appeared in 1978 according to BrickLink, available in Red in set 590.  This hinge is still in use today in various colors – it’s got some extraordinary staying power.

Unfortunately, without the other half – there’s not a heck of a lot you can do with it.  The pin is not a standard Technic pin, and there’s nothing  “In System” that you can do with it.  We handed out these bricks to anyone that would accept them at our March and April meetings… and only two people dared to MOC with it – with wildly different approaches.  Read on to find out who attacked it head on, and who weaseled out…

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“Play Ball!”

IMG_7278I LUG NY members Cody, Murphy and Brian installed a baseball themed group of LEGO mosaics and builds for I LUG NY’s April LUG Showcase in Queens last night. The baseball season just started and this window celebrates America’s pastime. Check it out in person at the Elmhurst, Queens LEGO Store through the end of the month. The following LUG members helped bring this window to life: Cody-Mets logo on 32×32 green baseplate Murphy-Baseball diamond with CMF Baseball players Myself-Yankees logo, Mets logo on right, “Play Ball” and Miniland baseball players. The Miniland batter is a Yankee version of the Red Sox version that was part of the Braintree LEGO Store Grand Opening festivities. ILUG NY base-Rick

Will, Bill, and Cody at BFVA13

Beyond the Brick: A Lego Brickumentary

Several I LUG NY members were interviewed down at Brickfair Virginia last August for a documentary looking at LEGO and AFOLs. Turns out it’s coming out soon. It’s called “Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary” and is narrated by Arrested Devolpment’s Jason Bateman. A new clip popped up yesterday featuring some of that footage!


Queens LUG Showcase March 2014

“Release every Micro Manager we have!” -Lord Business

On Tuesday, March 4th, I LUG NY members installed their latest LEGO Movie creations in the LEGO Store at the Queens Center Mall. I LUG NY members Bert, Brian, Cody, Murphy, Rick and Will met up at the mall for dinner at Applebee’s to celebrate Rick’s birthday! The staff at Applebee’s serenaded Rick and shortly after he finished his ice cream we headed over to the LEGO Store to swap out models for the LUG Showcase. We were treated fantastically and the models were received positively as they tie in with the run away hit movie.

The window features Micro Managers built by Brian (MM on roof of far right building), Rick (MM gluing minifig on street), Will (tall bipedal MM on right), and Murph (all other MM). Will built the MILSified street and Rick built the I LUG NY Logo LUG Showcase Stand. The backdrop of the scene is comprised of 4 modular buildings built by Brian that are either inspired by the official LEGO set #10218, “Pet Shop” or buildings in the real world.

These models will be on display through March of 2014 so stop by the Queens LEGO Store to check them out!

Queens LUG Showcase March 2014
Queens LUG Showcase March 2014

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