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PFx Brick on Kickstarter

The PFx brick project on Kickstarter has relaunched here:, and I’m just as excited about it as I was last time.

I’m all for using 3rd party electronics in LEGO – especially using this sort of thing to revive discontinued systems like  Monorail, and I’m really excited about this project for a couple reasons:

  • They’re partnering with Brickstuff to make easy connections to those very excellent lights.
  • They’re taking a great approach to remote control with their IR system – having to pair a “smart brick” with a phone or tablet is really a pain at a big public show – especially when you walk awak and your train stops…

Head on over to their Kickstarter page and take a look.  They’re about 135 “deluxe” packages away from being funded, with 16 days left.

C3Brix in the news!

I promised a few weeks ago that I would post something about ILUGNY member and part-time Big Ugly Rock Piece Cody Wells after he got some local news coverage – but then life got in the way.

To make up for that, I’m posting the original article in the Queens Courier and a bonus youtube video!  That’s a pretty cool tee-shirt he’s wearing.

Of course, Cody was one of the five ILUGNY members (including myself) interviewed that get to say words in the new A LEGO Bricumentary documentary.

If you haven’t seen it, this page has all sorts of ways you can rent it, I highly recommend it for AFOLS and non-AFOLS alike.



Nearly every month LLDC ( has an AFOL night (Adult Fans Of LEGO, 18+) who reminisce about and/or actively enjoy LEGO.  And ILUGNY, a LEGO User Group in the tri-state area, has members who actively enjoy LEGO and who attend these events to meet like-talented adults to share our passion and to participate in the activities.  NOTE: Adults NOT bringing child to LLDC are only allowed to go during an Adult Night, which is good because that’s when it’s an adult-friendly atmosphere!

This month we report on February’s Masquerade Mardi Gras themed event… Continue reading LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER WESTCHESTER AFOL NIGHT (2015/02/05)