Seed Part Challenge: Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part

Occasionally, the LUG winds up with large numbers of really, really strange parts.  I’m sure this happens to every LUG.

Well, this time we got a whole lot of Element ID 6011464 – aka ‘Bright Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part’.  This thing:

Element ID 6011464 Design ID 3830 Hinge 1x2 Upper Part Bright Red
Element ID 6011464, Design ID 3830, Hinge 1×2 Upper Part, Bright Red, Pure Evil.

Now, when paired with the other half of the hinge – this is a great part.  One of the older style LEGO hinges still in use today – it first appeared in 1978 according to BrickLink, available in Red in set 590.  This hinge is still in use today in various colors – it’s got some extraordinary staying power.

Unfortunately, without the other half – there’s not a heck of a lot you can do with it.  The pin is not a standard Technic pin, and there’s nothing  “In System” that you can do with it.  We handed out these bricks to anyone that would accept them at our March and April meetings… and only two people dared to MOC with it – with wildly different approaches.  Read on to find out who attacked it head on, and who weaseled out…

I chose to sidestep all the problems with this piece with the sort of lateral thinking that is best reserved for the vacuum of space.

M-Tron Matter Conveyor

The M:Tron Matter Conveyor is the tool of choice for enterprising individuals who would like to transport a large quantity of lose fill very quickly.  With dorsal and ventral cargo accessibility, gravity does all the work, minimizing the on-board equipment required to load and unload.  The same properties that make it a low-maintenance workhorse for honest individuals make it the tool of choice for “fly by” dumping.

Brian G., on the other hand, attacked the problem head-on, and with some serious style.



Excellent subject matter.  Good timing.  Awesome use of an essentially useless piece.  Brian won this challenge easily (the caption on the stand puts it over the top!)  He also got bonus points for actually using the seed part in the build, and not just as a prop.

This makes Brian G. the winner of two out of three of our MOC contests.  I think we’re going to have to start assigning him a handicap.


4 thoughts on “Seed Part Challenge: Red Hinge 1×2 Upper Part”

  1. Nice write-up Will and no problems the handicap… I think? Well it’s good to take on a challenge once-in-a-while, even if it’s a handi-challenge.

    I think a big thanks also has to go out to Brian W for setting up this challenge and it lucked out to be timed with the Ghostbuster movie’s 30th anniversary (, which helped transform my MOC into something more interesting than what I started with.

    I also have to say I still thought Will’s MOC was an interesting use of a “broken” part, even if as a prop! 🙂 And good point about it not being not a standard Technic pin, as most LEGO parts/shapes do creatively work together in their “System”, as I didn’t even think about checking that! Maybe LEGO should update the part to use Technic pin measurements?

    I’d like to note that building with this “limited” brick does open a new set of interesting rules on how you can build with this brick, at least in the way I used it (there are 2 ways to connect the pins which change how it behaves and lines up with studs). I think I have most rules document in my personal records for future use. But it’s still an interesting technique with interesting rules to use for some situations and as I mentioned and still compatible with LEGO studs!

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