Laying Down the Law

I LUG NY Rockefeller Center window, June 21, 2012

For a short time only, you can now fulfill your jury duty requirement by visiting the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store and checking out the Bricklyn Borough Courthouse (not really, though). While justice might be blind, it sadly isn’t subway-proof – after LUG member and builder Jonathan G did a little cupola reassembly at the store while fellow member Sid entertained the growing crowd, the model was ready to be put in its new temporary home.

After Bert emailed me to ask about a listing he saw on ebay for instructions to build this court house I reached out to Jonathan G. the builder of this model. He then contacted ebay to have the listing removed as it violated his copyright. THANK YOU BERT!

June 23rd meeting – Nyack, NY

We are meeting Saturday June 23rd at Funny Business in Nyack, NY.

WE will be starting at 10:00am but officially the meeting starts at 11:00am (for those who cannot make 10:00am)

Besides talking about NYComicCon and SM&NC upcoming shows we may also have info on LUGbulk.

We also will attempt to build 100+ micro trains in preparation for SM&NC show in November. (this is why the 10:00am start)

See you Saturday!

Jon… I’ve got the punch if you’ve got the pie!


Funny Business

130 Main Street, Nyack,

NY 10960

(845) 348-4747 ‎



A Modular and a Half

I LUG NY Queens LUG Showcase Window, June 8, 2012


One of these buildings was born out of a wonderful brick grab bag windfall at the Queens LEGO store (with a great selection of the new friends colors) and the other one of these buildings is only half (the front half, of course).

Come on down to the Queens Center Mall and check it out… See if you can spot all the themes in the build.